The People’s Cognac

Frérot XO Assemblage de Crus

What is Frérot XO Assamblage de Crus?

Frérot is the people’s Cognac, co-created by hundreds of Flaviar members whose voices guided us through a crowdtasting. It is a sublime and wonderfully complex Spirit blended from several batches of very old Eaux-de-vie originating from all 6 Cognac regions (Crus): an "Assemblage de Crus.”

Produced in small batch by 6th generation Cognac makers, Frérot’s Eaux-de-vie were carefully put to rest in French oak barrels and in cold humid cellars for a minimum of 20 and up to 35 years.

Non-chill filtered and slightly higher in alcohol, Frérot could be dubbed a Cognac for Whiskey lovers. We simply call it “the people’s Cognac.”

From the Flaviar Times

The Making of Frérot

The journey began in 2016, when a small Flaviar expedition took off on a road trip to the southwest of France. Our mission was… Read more >

The crowdtasting story

When it comes to spirits, Cognac is the crown jewel — a favorite of the elite since the dawn of time. We firmly believe that such a delicate and complex gem deserves a place in everyone’s heart… and glass. Even more, we believed that we—the people—could shape such a marvelous drop into being. And we did—sacré bleu!

At Flaviar, we have a unique opportunity to involve our members in the creative process. Not long ago, we asked Flaviar Members to help chart the course for Frérot, our first very own Cognac. Over 800 of our members, spirits bloggers and journalists from around the world participated in the crowdtasting to help us create our Cognac. Now, it’s here.

Frérot Co-Creators

“In this project I gladly took the back seat. My only job was to make sure Flaviar members’ voices were heard and reflected in the final expression of Frérot. Throughout this project, I was reminded of Flaviar's roots and our mission— Flavor to the People. I want to tip my hat to all the Members who helped craft this exceptional Cognac. Thank you.”

Smartass Corner

About the name: Frérot

In French, frérot is used as a term of endearment amongst friends, or as a casual way of saying hello: “Salut frérot!” What better name for a Cognac that we’ve crafted with the help of our friends. More...

What is Cognac?

Because it uses grapes, Cognac qualifies as a Brandy—which is made from fermented fruit juice. But to be labeled Cognac, it must be made in the Cognac region. It also requires Ugni Blanc grapes, copper pot stills for double-distillation and Limousine or Tronçais oak casks for aging. Read more > More...

Cru what?

The Cognac region consists of 6 wine growing areas called ‘Crus’ and the grapes used for Cognac must always originate from these areas. The Crus are: the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Bois Ordinaires. Frérot is an ”Assemblage de Crus”, meaning that grapes from all 6 Crus have been used. More...

The elusive Rancio

The highly desirable je ne sais quoi of Cognac. The term Rancio is used to describe the nutty and earthy flavors that start to develop in Cognac after at least 10 years of aging in oak casks. It becomes more intense over the years. More...

Frérot XO Specs

20 to 35 years
All 6 CRUS
Cask Type:
No. of bottles:
  • NON-CHILL Filtered
  • No Boisé
  • No Caramel
  • Little shugar added
Frérot Cognac Transparency >

Flavor profile?

This blend offers a rich profile, with delicious hints of candied fruits, fresh raspberry, blond tobacco, spices (cinnamon, timut pepper, cardamom), marzipan and dried Iris flower. It is finished with elegant, smokey hints and the infamous “rancio”.

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Frérot Cognac Transparency

Let’s talk additives. While the production of Cognac is (luckily!) incredibly regulated, there are some processes and ingredients that producers can subtly add to their Cognacs without disclosure. All of you who helped give birth to Frérot (and others who will enjoy it), deserve to know about every aspect of its making. So we’re bucking the trend and laying it all out in the open.

No Boisé

No Caramel

Non-chill filtered

Little Sugar added