The Three Pillars of People's Cognac

Each Cognac that joins the Frérot family tells a one-of-a-kind story, but in their core, there’s the same sound foundation we religiously adhere to. The three pillars of the People’s Cognac are fraternity, passion, and transparency.

La Fraternité

Our first Cognac, Frérot XO, was a product of a massive collaboration with our Members. Through crowd-tasting, we determined their taste and created an expression that represented our community of Cognac lovers.

The collective taste of our Fraternity also inspired and informed the creation of Frérot Extra. We offered our unsuspecting Members an array of Cognacs at live events and asked them for their honest opinion. Using the community’s feedback, we try to fine-tune the blend as perfectly as possible.

Frérot’s philosophy is, after all, “for the people, by the people.”

Frérot Cognac Transparency

Even though the Cognac production is (fortunately) well-regulated to make sure each Spirit is up to standard, there are tricks and ingredients some producers use to make their Cognac seem more superior.

We bet on honesty, so we’ll show you precisely what makes a Frérot.

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No Boisé

A dark brown liquid made from boiling oak wood, boisé is used to...

No Caramel

This syrup is typically used to achieve a...

Non-chill filtered

Most Cognacs are filtered below 0ºC. But we decided to filter Frérot at...

Little Sugar added

Typically added to sweeten and enrich many a Cognac, Frérot incorporates...

La Passion

When we’re armed with precious knowledge, we fly to the homeland of Cognac to meet with producers, discuss juice, taste and decide on what will end up in our next blend. For Frérot Extra, we took the samples home and tinkered some more, just to make sure nothing is lost in translation. We are passionate, but we don’t let the excitement get in the way of perfection.

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