How to enjoy Frérot Cognac

A Rebellion Against Antiquity

There are centuries-old rules on how to drink Cognac, but frankly, there is no wrong way - except not drinking it. Invent your own way of sipping Cognac, create your own anti-cocktails. What matters is you enjoy it.

If you do, however, want to experience all the layers of Frérot Cognacs, we have a couple of suggestions. Start with finding a quiet retreat with no stress or rambunctious people, and consider the following tips:

Revel in the bouquet with a Tulip glass

The whole idea behind the perfect Cognac glass is to offer the largest surface area possible while closing in at the rim to intensify the bouquet and ensure the best introduction to the palate.

Experts have concluded that the tulip-shaped glass is, in fact, the best vessel from which to enjoy your Cognac.

No Water, No Ice

Adding water to Cognac can have the same effect as it does with Whisky, unlocking hidden flavors and aromas. But you should only do it with a VS or VSOP. When you're fortunate enough to own an XO, it's wiser to enjoy the rich complexities straight, unadulterated.

Be Temperate with Temperature

In general, serve the spirit neat, at room temperature. If you've stored Cognac below room temperature, take the bottle out at least an hour before drinking, or hold the glass in your palm to warm it up a bit.